Diana Manilova

Russian-born, lifelong psychic, Diana Manilova, is a master of helping people to awaken. Her clairvoyant gifts, healing abilities and awareness were enhanced after two near-death experiences. Since then, she has been traveling the world and sharing the practical wisdom, straight-shooting truths, unconditional love, and belly-shaking humour that come through her channel. If your heart is asking questions like, “Who am I? Why am I here, and what program do I have on Earth?” You yearn to awaken and recognize yourself—the self that is not your ego. This is a reason to go to life school to study about yourself, about your reincarnations. Diana’s channel enables her to act as a clear mirror for you to see yourself: who you are now, who you were in past lives, and who you can be. Diana calls herself a student of life and this is what she teaches. She helps her students to learn and benefit from all of their life experiences. As she says, “Everything happens for a good purpose.”


Diana Says… All people who walk the earth are gods and goddesses. We have the same source: one God. But because you only use the brain in your manipura (third chakra), which has no eyes for your astral body or mental body, you cannot see. I try to help people to clean their thoughts, balance their emotions and recharge their energy through joking, laughing, connecting with nature and meditating.
Through all this, they raise their kundalini and become aware of other chakras; they activate their third eyes and senses. This is not a special program for being the next Oracle of Delphi. This is a program for teaching you how to be psychic for your own life, to look deeply inside and find who you are, and then you’ll be an Oracle for yourself. I teach you to look inside, face your fears, your negative emotions, and then you’ll find God. You created these negative emotions though many karmic reincarnations when you got caught up in duality. I help you go back to God, to your nature. It is not difficult! You just need to gather and use your free will to set the program to recognize yourself…and then you can. You can be happy through recognizing and following your unique path to enlightenment. You’ll feel you are a god, creating and developing your life!

 Why Now? It is important now to find peace and balance between your mind, soul, and body because of the shifting and sifting of consciousness. This means we are being given a chance to pass the ‘final exams’ and feel a greater friendship and communion with nature and our souls. The unique planetary arrangement coming into place is creating this divine opportunity to jump to another level. Those with harmony and balance within will have an easier time going through transformation.

 Who Can Benefit? If you have forgotten how to laugh, lost touch with how to enjoy yourself in nature, or feel like everything you have is not enough for you, then you’re missing a piece of your soul. If you can feel something’s missing, it’s possible to find it. Though your experience with your soul and nature you may re-discover your inner peace and happiness.