Russian Shaman in Thailand

Diana Manilova is a certified healer, shaman, and born psychic. She provides spiritual consultations and guided meditation for groups and individual sessions.

Diana was recognized as the ‘Daughter of the Sky’ and initiated into Shamanic worlds on the shores of Lake Baikal, Siberia.

In Kathmandu, Nepal she received recognition by Tibetan Buddhist and Bonpo Rinpoches as a reincarnated teacher and Green Tara.

In the Himalayan foothills, a local acetic and Shiva baba said he saw her flying with him in their fire bodies.

Doctors in Moscow asked her to stop treating 100’s of patients and work only with doctors, their families and members of the hospital staff. Patients protested and made placards saying, ‘We are sick too, when can we see Diana.’

USA and French scientists tried to use her to test radioactive and man-altered viruses.

Russian intelligence people used her to discover secret documents and test psychic weapons.

The Moscow police brought her in on kidnap cases.

Now she’s through testing her abilities and all that’s been laid aside for work with individuals and small groups.

She’s a gypsy, oracle, seer, divine mother and gifted teacher.

A meeting with Diana you will not forget.