I am a Christian (Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Sufi, Buddhist, Taoist, Shinto etc)… can Diana help me?

Certainly! Diana works with people all religious denominations. She does believe you should cultivate a relationship with a spiritual teacher that is right for you.

I don’t believe in God or the soul… can Diana help me?

Well, this is a tough one. Diana may or may not be able to help you.

Diana considers God a form of creative energy that manifests as wisdom, truth and love on Earth. If you are not open to the existence of a creative force pervading the universe, you may have lost your soul. Diana can help you retrieve your soul, but this is delicate work that needs take place one-on-one.

Is Diana a trance channel or spirit medium?

She connects through her intuition to her spiritual guides. Diana does not go into trance to commune with Seth, Abraham, St Germaine, a galactic consciousness or an ancestral guide/ghost sitting next to you. If she’s needs to talk to those folks, she’ll just ask them. For her, it’s like an everyday conversation for you or I.

Diana can even help you open you own ‘channel.’

I don’t believe in reincarnation or past lives… can Diana help me?

You do not have to remember your past lives, but you should be open to the possibility of their existence. Diana often says many of our past lives are better left unknown.

She remembers life in her mother’s womb, ancient civilizations on Earth and may even remember meeting you 400 years ago.

Diana may regress you to remember your past lives. You have to be familiar with working with your intuition to perform this practice. Your soul is full of wisdom from your past life lessons. When you recover this information, you bring wisdom into this lifetime.

Diana: “Our past and future exist in this moment now. You cannot make a separation. Your past is the foundation of now and your future.”

Can Diana work miracles?

Diana says people use the word ‘miracle’ because they can’t explain something. What most people call miraculous, for Diana, is work (sometimes lots of work) ; especially in cases of black magic, karma cleaning, possession, or curse removal. After you leave Diana, it may feel like your session is over. But for her, she continues to work, even in her sleep. Time and distance have little distinction for her channel and spiritual teachers.

Will Diana tell me something I don’t want to hear?

In general… no! Diana will not tell you if you are going to be fired, get sick, break a toe, lose a love one or die (you are, btw).

That doesn’t mean, she’s going to spare you from painful topics. The truth is often very painful. Usually, a session, covers about 2% of the total information that she receives. This information will be things that you can (and should) act on. If you are in a ‘critical year’, for example, she may tell you not to drive long distances or alone at night.

Does Diana use Black Magic?

You would need to be sensitive enough to know the difference between black and white magic to tell.  Diana knows and can tell the difference.

She says, “White magic is from God.”  Her teachers are from the Sky (and even higher realms).

Will Diana be able to see things in me I don’t want others to see?

Diana may see whatever her teachers feel she needs to see in order to help you. Family skeletons in your closet, spirits that follow you and your prom night activities are all available. Most likely, these things are of little interest unless you’re working on a particular item at this time in your life.

Remember, Diana is from Russia where business, politics and mafia inner-mingle. She’s met the ‘real’ mafia ice-men and a great many dark forces in her practical experience. Your own demons may look like amateurs to her.

Can I record my session with Diana?

Diana likes for you to be ‘present’ during your reading. Consequently, her (and her teachers) seem to frown on electronic equipment; we’ve had many cases of faulty recordings and damaged machinery. You can bring a recording device at your own risk; ask Diana before your session if it would be appropriate to use in your case. Diana reviews every session at the end, so you’ll have time to take notes and record homework recommendations.

What are the fees for Diana’s consulting services?

Personal Consultation in Chiang Mai, Thailand ~ 5,000 THB (about 165 USD) for 1.5 hrs.

Phone readings/updates/follow-ups: 5,000 THB (about 165 USD) for 45 to 60 minutes. Diana likes to prepare in advance: we’ll need your photo, birthdate, time zone, and list of questions with your payment. Please see Phone Session details here.

Personal Consultation (Worldwide): 200 USD hr while traveling outside of Thailand.

Business and Financial related consultations: includes contracts/negotiates; reading of partners, associates, clients and vendors; office and facility energy work: Fee to be determined on a a case-to-case basis starting at 200 USD hr.

Home Energy work: involves a complete energy cleaning for protection, health, prosperity and happiness in your home/condo/vacation cottage. 200 USD per location.

Charity Work: Diana regularly volunteers her time to perform healings for local Thai villages and read locals in less fortunate circumstances. Please contact us if you have a specific hardship case involving a local person (does not apply to foreigners living or traveling in Thailand).

How should I prepare for my session with Diana?

Read through some of this website. Knowing more about Diana’s work and the language she uses in spiritual practice will help you get past the ‘knowledge’ portion of your session.

Consider doing some physical cleansing. See our ‘recipes for health’ links above. The more clean and balanced your body, mind and soul, the more deeply Diana can help you.

Bring a pad/pen to take notes when Diana tells you to write something. Wear comfortable clothing and a bring bottle of water.

Come prepare with some questions for Diana to get started. Dig deep and find issues that touch your heart.

And… finally… be open

Can I meet Diana before a session?

You’ll have to ‘feel’ if she’s the right match for you through this website or hers ( Does the information ring true to you? Are you ready for such a meeting?