How People Change

When she speaks, her words have energy… /Amy Hausermann / USA /

When I consider in my heart what a true teacher is, a feeling of selfless giving and a higher consciousness arises in me. She must always be looking for a way to help her students understand lessons that she herself may or may not have personal experience with by skillful means. She must guide her students through those lessons in a way that they can relate to; otherwise, they’ll not be invested in their learning. As the saying goes, ‘in one ear and out the other.’ In order to help them relate, she must find a way to touch upon their soul, to draw upon from their own personal experience and understanding. With that, the student is able to build upon the old to forge a new path. Nothing is wasted. For these reasons, a teacher cannot pull out a book and say, ‘Turn to page such and such and beginning reading.’ Instead, she must help the student become aware of their own personal and unique story. She must help the student find a beginning that will succeed in grabbing the attention of the heart, to awaken their intuition, to help them navigate through a vast ocean of past lives to find the right point for the diving excavation. There must be a middle, where the student comes in contact with new ideas, characters, and places, where they relate what they know to what is unknown, and make comparisons, analyze what’s in front of them, and decide how to proceed in this new adventure. Finally, there must be an end to the story…How does it turn out? Where does the journey lead to? Is it someplace new and exciting? What treasures are discovered? As is told in great epic novels, the main character will at times experience moments that are…

Amy Hausermann / USA

I was having meaningful conversations again… / Amanda/UK /

Before the retreat I was operating on an analytical and emotionless level. At the retreat, for the first time in a long time I was having meaningful conversations again, not about money or success or the materialistic things that ultimately drain you but the kind that help you make some sense in your life.  Being surrounded by incredible people, in particular the facilitators who had an endless supply of time to talk, understand and support you whenever you needed.   The setting – it is beyond paradise!


Life changing experience…… / Sebastien/France /

Sharing this experience in such a powerful and amazing place with other like minded people was a very rich and life changing experience.


During the retreat I realized i was given a chance to reconnect with the Source… / Dominique/Egypt /

During the retreat I realized i was given a chance to reconnect with the Source, reground myself. I had fallen into amnesia and was unable to untangle it alone, though I knew exactly what was happening – I had fallen back into the game, the matrix, the system and felt quiet depressed about it. And on Day Three, when Diana presented the “Life Atoms” levels of consciousness, I was red-born! Now fully conscious of what had gradually perversely seeped into me. Thank you, this is obvious what life brought me here.

Dominique/Egypt (Oracle Light & Karma Yoga, April 2016)


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