I cried and cried and recognised that she was just helping me…

Initially, I did not want to see Diana with the excuse of not having enough money but I looked deeper and realised money was not the issue. I was just afraid to look deeper inside, to ‘level up’ or be shown what’s real by her. So I met Diana for a session and yup, I was expecting her to break me open and she did. I cried and cried and recognised that she was just helping me to break me open, break away from my illusions and perceptions, rigid patternings. She broke those away and despite my initial fear and anger towards her, I felt so alive and different. I took off the rose coloured lens and wow, what an amazing journey. Honest, direct, grounded and yet, touched me on all levels. I owe much gratitude to Diana.

Sash Iqubal

I have finally learnt what meditation is…

…I have experienced 3 workshops with Diana. After the 3rd one, I am finally realising that I have only just scratched the surface…..I have finally learnt what meditation is, how it makes me feel and I am able to fix and alter some things in my life, my personality and my perspective in general. I have become more aware of my body mind and soul. I have been able to sleep and breathe better and enjoy my life a lot more. With the changes within me, I have noticed that the same people around me now respond more positively towards me. It is really quite amazing. I cannot thank Diana enough, she has saved me by kicking my ass and with lots of guidance and love. Your ‘programme’ for me has given me many lessons for how to live my Life. THANK-YOU!!!!

Kaur Suvinder

I have gained so much guidance and knowledge

Since meeting Diana and Marc in 2012, my life has changed tremendously. I have gained so much guidance and knowledge from her that has helped me look within and work on positive changes for my mind, body and soul….Diana is strong and reassuring, providing specific guidance that is helping me to grow and feel more balanced. Diana is the teacher I have been searching for my whole life. Truly blessed to meet Diana, Marc and Dipa!

Charlotte Chua

Diana is a true healer in every way

Diana is a true healer in every way. Full of love, wisdom and compassion, she offers profound insight and information to help you on your own path to happiness.

Brett Rosen
Executive Director for Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation

Diana helps me access this space of harmony and balance within the every day life.

Studying with Diana is a life-changing experience. I’m talking about a life, that has been changed, that it may take a book or two to share the entire experience with the world. I have read many beautiful spiritual, self-help writings that resonates deeply into my cognitive. I also have listened and met a good number of wise men, teachers and healers, who have shared their words of love, truth, and wisdom. However, only through Diana these concepts sank into the depth of my cells and soul. Allowing love, truth and wisdom become a very own personal experience, instead of merely words written on literatures or coming from lips of others that we constantly repeat. Through her simple and playful meditation practices, and spiritual guidances, Diana helps me access this space of harmony and balance within the every day life. Allowing me, as a student to reach my full potential as a human being, as well as to navigate the ever-changing life more independently. Making life on earth an exciting, energizing, and enlightening learning experience.

Eka Sabeh

She is the direct rainbow bridge that connects us to God.

I am full of appreciation to Life that brought me to Diana in 1999. Through sharing her personal experiences and of herself, I have noticed that my life has become so much more vibrant, interesting, filled light and everyday miracles. She is the direct rainbow bridge that connects us to God. Words are not enough to fully describe but this is what we have here. My health, emotional well-being and spiritual connections have all made a giant leap because of her guidance. The art students coming my way have become so much more fascinating as they come in alignment to the shifts within myself. Once a fumbling mother, I now move forth with more clarity from the light cast upon the path that I tread with my son, renewing our connection to a deeper level of mutual respect and love. With Diana, my learnings have gone past what I can even possibly conceive, so simple and at the same time deep, so direct and at times confusing. And yes, painful sometimes but each time when I reflect back on that pain, I realize that it was a necessary ring of fire that when I allowed and jumped through, I would always come out brighter, clearer and more mature a person. With a friend and a guide for my soul, things are expanding and deepening in ways that I could not have done so well on my own. I am quietly in awe of her continual energetical support for me that transcends distance, space and time. Having said all the above, it is in wonder that I embrace the mystery of life’s workings & the endless possibilities to come. p.s. I am also thankful that she has helped me to re-discover the laughter within me! Teehee!

Dipa Ein Siak

Who is Diana?

Who is Diana?
When I’m happy, she stands aside quietly and lets me enjoy the moment.
When I’m sad, even if we’re oceans apart, she drops notes to lift my spirit.
When I’m stuck, she hints of possible workarounds.
When I’m alone, she shares her family.
When I’m hungry, she makes sure people feed me.
When I’m proud, she reminds me of my ignorance.
When I’m empty, she lends her energy.
When I’m strong, she sings out loud.
When I’m nobody, she says I’m a miracle.
Who is Diana? I’ve no idea. I just remember her actions, words and warm touch.

Who is Diana?

When she speaks, her words have energy…

When I consider in my heart what a true teacher is, a feeling of selfless giving and a higher consciousness arises in me. She must always be looking for a way to help her students understand lessons that she herself may or may not have personal experience with by skillful means. She must guide her students through those lessons in a way that they can relate to; otherwise, they’ll not be invested in their learning. As the saying goes, ‘in one ear and out the other.’ In order to help them relate, she must find a way to touch upon their soul, to draw upon from their own personal experience and understanding. With that, the student is able to build upon the old to forge a new path. Nothing is wasted. For these reasons, a teacher cannot pull out a book and say, ‘Turn to page such and such and beginning reading.’ Instead, she must help the student become aware of their own personal and unique story. She must help the student find a beginning that will succeed in grabbing the attention of the heart, to awaken their intuition, to help them navigate through a vast ocean of past lives to find the right point for the diving excavation. There must be a middle, where the student comes in contact with new ideas, characters, and places, where they relate what they know to what is unknown, and make comparisons, analyze what’s in front of them, and decide how to proceed in this new adventure. Finally, there must be an end to the story…How does it turn out? Where does the journey lead to? Is it someplace new and exciting? What treasures are discovered? As is told in great epic novels, the main character will at times experience moments that are…

Amy Hausermann

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