The benefits:
– Stops your monkey mind
– Bring balance between your left and right hemisphere of your brain / yin and yang
– Clean the 3 main channels of your physical, mental and emotional body
– Increase your health and immune system


Preparation Steps:

  1. Sit comfortably with your spine erect.
  2. Relax your breath with eyes closed.
  3. Check your pulse to match your breath counting.
  4. Take a moment to feel your spine from the coccyx to the crown of your head.
  5. Imagine your spine is like a hollow glass column.
  6.  Place your right second and index finger on your eyebrow center.
  7.  Place your left palm below your navel.

Female: close your right nostril with your thumb, keep the left nostril open.
Male: close your left nostril with your ring finger, keep the right nostril open.


  1.  Inhale from your open nostril within four count. While inhaling, visualize a golden cloud on the crown of your head.
  2.  Close both of your nostrils with your thumb and ring finger.
  3.  Hold your breath for sixteen count and visualize the golden cloud entering the crown of your head ascending to the tailbone.
  4.  Open the other nostril, keep the other nostril closed (alternately).
  5.  Exhale within eight count, while visualizing the golden cloud rises up to the crown of the head.

This forms one cycle.

Repeat four cycles on each side.
Once you’re finished with the full four round, keep your eyes closed and relax your hands on your knees.
Comeback to your natural even breath.
Feel your body.
Slowly open your eyes.

Best to practice three times a day (four cycle each) in the morning before starting activity, at noon (to break the thinking-mind cycle) and evening before bed (to quiet the mind before sleeping).