Pokiyani means penance (or repentance) in Russian. Pokiyani will help you to restore your energy and clean your karma.

How do you begin Pokiyani practice?

There are 3 basic steps to begin Pokiyani and bring back your energy from past events and relationships.

Step 1 – Remember
Step 2 – Bring back energy
Step 3 – Repeat

What do I need to remember?

Any time when you were angry or emotional hurt by another person. When was the last time you received pain from your wife (husband or any relationship?)

Remember this situation and the word or words that caused and emotional reaction. Think about it many times. Repeat it in your inner vision. When your energy returns, you will no longer be angry.

Remember ALL the details of this situation. The words and the details are what keep your energy. You need to really exhaust yourself to remember everything.

How do I know I have brought back all my energy?

When you have none of the emotions that you had before, you will bring back energy. Success takes lots of energy. You need to be free for this. Going back again and again takes lots of time.

Is Pokiyani the same thing as ‘Forgive and forget?’

No. Do not forget anything. Bring back energy and do analysis to receive the right lesson. This is how to clean karma. Pokiyani will not fix a mistake, it will only bring back energy. You need to bring back energy from people who have hurt you and those you have hurt. Repeat this process over and over again.

How do I know that Pokiyani is working?

Are you happy? Are you balanced?

If you may go one whole month without anger or sickness, maybe you have cleaned your karma for one full generation. You are doing well. If you are having any discomfort in your life, you will need to go deeper. Bring back more energy. This is this first step to cleaning your karma. Karma cleaning has a big connection to you if you have a mature soul. If your soul is young, karma cleaning is easier. If you have a mature soul, your spiritual teacher needs to give you a tool to help you awaken and clean your karma. Pokiyani is the tool you need.

If you are angry without any reason, you have received the first signal to clean your karma and bring back energy. Pokiyani is just one tool. There is no one way for everyone to bring back energy, but for you Pokiyani will help. Without energy, you cannot clean your karma.

When you have taken back your lost energy from this life, then test yourself. If you get angry again, your not 100% finished. Deep work means more concentration. Concentrate and remember someone’s voice, time, clothing and situation when you had lots of emotions. Sometimes your memory is not clear enough to remember the person’s body, dress or age. You have lost this information and sometimes you need to work with a physical teacher for help.