Free yourself from the web of heavy emotions, dramas and challenging times to engage and enjoy in a lighter and happier New Year.

Be pampered like gods and goddesses whilst receiving tools that will guide you on the superhighway of spirituality towards your full potential in the material world.

When you set aside time to work on your inner self, manifestation of material success will flow in effortlessly : financial fulfilment, enjoyment in your work, being with your soul partner, harmonious relationships with your family and a general feeling of happiness and peace in your life.

Regardless of your religion or beliefs, you are still bound by karma .
At the Oracle Retreat, Diana will guide you in your journey to recognise and clean this mental, physical and psychological blockages so that you can start living the life that you truly deserve.

From our personal experiences, you may find the following changes in the course of your life:

– Recognising, renouncing, releasing and transforming positive and negative emotions.
– Being a successful leader of your business and career.
– Have a better understanding of astral travelling and experiencing conscious dream states: dream yoga.
– Healing any traumas you may have in your life.
– Loving & Respecting yourself.
– Being more powerful by taking responsibility for yourself and letting go of blame.
– Looking younger and feeling alive.
– Manifesting your Soul Partner.
– Having harmonious relationships with family, friends, partners or work colleagues.
– Having clarity of your life purpose.
– Being more playful and creative in your day to day life.
– Being healthy through breathing techniques and Ancient Mantras.
– Being who you truly are.


Some of the many feedback from the lastest Oracle’s participants:
“This Oracle Retreat is one of the many miracles. For me it was like coming back to my roots, remembering something that I already knew, but forgot long time ago. And living without this knowledge made me very unhappy… Mark said that Diana is taking souls out of people, cleans the mud out from them and put them back. This is what I feel after the Retreat.

Now I know and feel how precious my soul is and how to take care of my soul to feel peace and happiness. Now having her simple, but precious advices I feel confidence in future and in moving ahead the road of spiritual development.

I am so happy that I have this opportunity and will never miss the chance to meet Diana again and continue this magical learning.” Sveta, Ukraine

“There are just no words to describe what this workshop has meant to me. |
I had reached a point where I was totally lost and stuck. I had no idea how to get on moving. Then I was lead to Diana.

She was able to give me a ‘’diagnosis’’ and see which ‘’medicine’’ would help me. The ‘’medicine’’ is the work I have to do all by myself but with the guidance from Diana and the spirits.

I have just started; it is a little scary moving into this unknown terrain yet I do recognize I have been there before.

Now, I just need to organize myself and work on my discipline to continue using the very specific tools I have been given.

This retreat has been a lifesaver for me. Everyone participating has been my teachers and Diana the leading light. I love you all, thank-you!” Helena, Norway

“As a new Buddhist, I am still learning about reincarnations and the afterlife. Diana helped me to look to my intuition to feel my soul and to look to my past lives. The workshop helped me to trust my instincts and know that my soul already knows everything and I just need to tap it. I learnt a lot about empathy as my colleagues struggled with their programs. We bonded as a team and helped each other.

Going into the jungle was an important part of the full immersion so that we were close to the spirits and nature.

The light was a vital tool to help us relax and journey within. There was a lot of time to share experiences after the light and teachings. I would recommend this workshop for anybody who wants to find what they need and is prepared to take the next steps. I feel empowered and grateful to see what I have as gifts and how I can use these for a purposeful contribution to the world. I am motivated to forgive and ask for forgiveness so that I can clear my path and hopefully lighten the load for the people I love and all these ordinary people who ‘’randomly’’ come into my life.” Cindy Payne, USA

“I have attended two workshops with Diana now, people always ask me where I am going and what I am doing but I always find it so difficult to explain what happens to me at a Diana workshop.

I do know that I came here changed each time, that I get to look at parts of myself and my experiences on this planet that I would not usually look at.

I come away with so much insight into who I really am and what I need to be doing. But that doesn’t even begin to explain my experiences. I recommend that you just come along and see for yourself. I guarantee you won’t regret it. It will be the greatest gift you have ever given yourself.” Rebecca Cain, Australia

“I came to this workshop knowing that I will be enabled to establish greater contact and guidance for my soul. Although I had made small beginnings, the workshop has confirmed that I am going in the right direction and it has also given me additional tools.

Diana gave much of herself in guiding me – to help open another part of me that is not often or rather ‘underutilized’ – using my heart.

Through the workshop I have become more aware and convinced that I need to take care of my body and my soul. This is a journey I look forward to undertake – the next phase of my life. My workshop mates are wonderful people.

Thank-you Diana, Marc, thank-you workshop mates for sharing, thank-you Eka and Thank-you Dipa for organizing this !!!” Kim Khoo, Singapore