Onion Syrup

Simple home recipe for a child’s cough

Mild enough for children, but strong enough for an adult.

A cough is the body’s response to inflammation or irritation in the throat, larynx, bronchial tubes or lungs. There are two basic kinds of coughs, congested and dry, with each one having different underlying causes. For a congested cough try this recipe.


  • Onion
  • Sugar (or Honey)
  • Glass Jar


  1. Cut a medium onion in half and then slice in 1/4″ pieces.
  2. Break into parts and layer one part onion and one part sugar in the glass jar.
  3. Mash the onion up with the end of a spoon to begin juice extraction
  4. Let the preparation sit over-night or for 3 to 4 hours until a syrup is formed.


Give your child one teaspoon of syrup (half onion juice and half sugar) every few hours or as needed for relief of frequent coughing.