If you are at least 25 years old, you have enough life experience to benefit from a one-on-one reading for spiritual healing with Diana Manilova.

We recommend sessions for younger people when they have had uncommon health problems, trauma in childhood or unusual spiritual experiences (visions, OBE, near-death, psychic, visitations, unexplainable events etc…) early in life.

Initial consultations last 1.5 hours and are booked a couple of days in advance. You should come prepared, be open and ready to work on yourself. Consider the questions you would like to ask prior to your visit.

Typical questions that might start a reading are…

Why am I here or what is my purpose?
What should I do with my life?
Why am I not happy?
Why am I sick?
What should I do at this transition point in my life?
We recommend that you bring a pad and pen to take notes at the end of your session. Plan on some quiet time for reflection after your reading. You’ll get more out of your session if you do not run off to take part in a group tour or go for a run with the local hashers.

If the questions above seem basic to you, then you to are probably a channel or gifted intuitive. Some of Diana’s best work comes while working with other intuitives; sort of like being a Teacher’s Teacher. The more experience you have listening and following your own intuition, the more you have to gain from a private session with Diana.

For a session with Diana Manilova, please contact us or phone 053-894-708 or 087-803-2433.

Sample Session Introduction from Diana

I am a psychic. For me, everyone that comes to visit is like a Bible, because everything I see is like a movie; past and future. I may see everything about you. But, I may speak for 24 hrs. That’s why I prefer questions. So, if you have questions, I may answer what is important for you right now, at this moment.

When were you born? Answer: such-and-such date.

Diana: Our soul, the soul of a human, comes on the Earth many times, over 700 times. From this time, the soul has school. 15 total classes with some extracurricular work at times. It depends on your karma. This school is when you have to do something positive. For example, you do something to help people of many countries. Between famous lives, you may take a rest for 500 yrs. You may be a prostitute or drug user. I’m joking. Really, you have a rest from being famous. You may have a normal life: take a family, play or whatever.

Full realization comes when you do something positive. Perhaps, you were a doctor who found a vaccination to heal many people or an artist on the stage that opened the heart chakra of many people.

When I’m talking about your past lives, you may do analysis with this life. Life is like a spiral. If you had one situation in your past, you may repeat it. You may repeat a lesson. Sort of like a dream, when you may feel you’ve had some present experience in your past. This is soul study; like a horse going around in a ring.

This is just a 5-minute intro, a glimpse of where things usually begin.

English is Diana’s 2nd language, so much of what you read above is straight from her channel without being glossed over by my Americanized English.

Most people come away feeling that they’ve had a once-in-a-lifetime experience (i.e. a LifeEvent). Your own experience is up to you and dependant upon the work that you are ready to do now. We are all unique in what we are here to learn and accomplish.

Diana may do healings, soul retrieval, balance emotions, work with spirit, regress you to a past life, introduce you to your spiritual teacher, assist with karmic lessons involving yourself, your family, your country and much more. It’s all part of her gift. If you would like information on friends, family, love, or business – photographs, business cards and contracts are helpful.

Phone Readings with

Diana Manilova

Diana can read people over the telephone. Phone session are best for people who are sensitive (you’ll have to feel her through the phone), people who have worked with her in person, people who have direct contact with someone who has worked with Diana or people planning a visit to her in Thailand and who want to get a jump start on their program before coming.

She can also read family, friends, lovers and business associates. Birth dates and a photos with eyes viewable in each picture help.

Phone sessions are best for initial consultations and follow-up sessions. Initial readings can tell Diana the level of your need and if you should travel to see her in person. For major health concerns, personal issues related to karma, curses etc you will certainly need to meet Diana in person. She often receives information inappropriate to convey in a phone session. Soul work requires intimacy.

See this link for more details on clairvoyant readings by phone.

For a phone reading please contact us to schedule in advance. International dialing (+66) 53-894-708 or +66 87-803-2433 Mobile.