Ancestor Workshops and Retreats
(aka Karma Cleaning Workshops)

After an initial consultation with Diana, she will give you a list of spiritual homework. She may recommend you to clean your karma. Karma may apply to yourself, your family, or even your country. If you’re not familiar with how karma effects you in your every day life, then please read about what Diana has to say below.

Cleaning your Spiritual Roots

We teach people how to clean karma in our workshops. Cleaning your karma includes cleaning your the roots of your ancestors from generation to generation. If you do not awake and do this work, you will have illnesses related to karma.

Cancer, stones, diabetes, psoriasis; these are a few karmic diseases. These illnesses are signals that your family line has some problem. Many are handed down genetically from your family. When you have pain and disease, you cannot ignore your situation. You have to learn to work with pain and to live with pain.

When you experience relief from pain, you become kind, caring and compassionate. Through your pain, you have to work (Diana sounds like Yoda here, don’t you think?). You have to change your attention for the world and the energy around you.

How to Play with Energy

We have to learn how to digest energy while we are on the Earth. We must be friendly with everything around us; people, nature, and circumstances in our daily life. Everything around us is energy. If you feel antagonistic toward the energy around you then you will manifest a life lesson. You’ll receive this lesson through your closest relationships; your partner, family, friends and associates. You cannot ignore the importance of this lesson.

One real life example:

A career women comes to see me from one of Asia’s leading metropolitan cities. During her session she asks, “What can I do about my boss. I have so many problems with her. Sometimes I just can’t stand her. We are always in conflict. My boss is always antagonizing me.”

I asked her when this situation happens the most often and she tells me that she only has to see her boss once every 3 months. What is this? I told her, “You hate your boss because she is exactly like your mother. She is just like your mother and you hate your mother.”

The woman stared with her mouth open. I could see the realization enter her. She said, “You are absolute right!” and gave me a great big smile. “This means I have to fix my relationship with my mother and then I can be friendly with my boss.” Clever lady! This is how to work with karma and energy in your everyday life.

Lessons to be Received from Karma Cleaning Workshop

Change your attention for the energy around you. This is only possible when you change your vision of why you are surrounded by specific people and events. After you look to find out why, you’ll transform the energy of antagonism to joy ~ tantra yoga (see reading list to left).

When you consciously awake and analyze what you receive from painful life events, you also become aware of your program on the Earth. This is the Key for Happiness; to know and understand why you are here.

Who should attend a Karmic Cleaning Workshop?

Anyone may benefit from this workshop. If you are open to receiving life lessons from your own experience, you will certainly benefit more than someone who plays the victim or blame life’s misfortune on their surroundings. If your tired of one of these repeated habit-patterns in your life, please consider taking time out of your life for karma cleaning.

If you have emotional or physical pain, psychological issues related to control, perfection and/or codependence you’ll recognize the importance of this work from the very first lesson.

One of our past participants send us this follow up note…

I am so glad that I did the workshop with Diana! My relationship with my husband is getting better and things are happening as if my family (deceased ancestors) are blessing me! Diana thank you sooooooooooooooo very much! I am looking forward to my next workshop with you. I have also felt your presence so many times, protecting me.You are an angel!