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Garden of Consciousness

30B Nassim Road, Singapore 258406 (map)

**Main NASSIM ROAD is opp Tanglin Shopping Ctr. Past Jap Embassy on the right, 30B is on next side road on the right. 20m meditative tree-lined walk or 1 min by taxi. Please call when you arrive as we will not hear the gate bell from where we are.

Price: $250.00 /per person

Refund policy

Are you ready to tap into the everyday miracles of your life? We are excited to open up private spiritual consultation with Diana Manilova, one of Russia’s most gifted clairvoyants, only certified psychic-healer and Mongolian-Initiated Shaman right here in SINGAPORE!
We recommend that if this resonates to pay and book early to keep your slot.

Regardless of your spiritual practice, Diana’s words of wisdom, truth and love will guide you to be happy and give your life a fresh new direction.  

This work is for those who are ready and willing to transform themselves, who want to drop your limitations and expand into other dimensions of life, for those who are ready to drop the ego and awaken yourself ~ Are you ready to experience what it truly means to be ”awake”?

For over 25 years of age only.
***Please note that priority for spiritual readings will be given to newcomers who intend to join the Karma Yoga Oracle Retreat ~ The Golden Light to Awakening in Chiang Mai Thailand on Dec 2-6.

Visitor comment: “An energetic Russian fireball who alternates between comic, profane, inspiring, loving and just plain ass kicking. If you are lucky enough meet Diana then throw your preconceptions away. Whatever you’re expecting, it’s not going to be like that.”

Diana Manilova speaks on Knowing Yourself and helping others Transform the Energy of their Experiences:
“When you have difficult experience you have to know that the other side of that experience is light. I often feel like I’m cleaning other people’s toilets. Soul work is hard work, but you must have respect for yourself. Love yourself. Transform and love yourself without judgement. I will give you the tools to transform. It doesn’t matter if it takes 12 years. I have the energy and the power to do it. How to tell you?

Life is interesting. And the most important thing you may know is about yourself. This is interesting. Sometimes my work with people is difficult. Truth is painful. But, when you need a surgeon, you can’t go looking for a diplomat. When something is deep, you need help. If they (Diana’s teachers in the sky) gave me more life after my clinic death, I must be here to help people. Only… you have to be open. Open to your own experience. If you have questions about yourself, you are open and I may help you. If not, you can have a holiday now and maybe meet me in the next life. Or, go to the doctor and take a pill. That’s it!”

Most people come away feeling that they’ve had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your own experience is up to you and dependant upon the work that you are ready to do now. We are all unique in what we are here to learn and accomplish.

Diana may do healings, soul retrieval, any work involving the astral plane, dream based work, balance emotions, work with spirit, regress you to a past life, introduce you to your spiritual guides, assist with karmic lessons involving yourself, your family, your country and much more. It’s all part of her gift. 

FEEDBACK From Clients:

“Diana is a true healer in every way. Full of love, wisdom and compassion, she offers profound insight and information to help you on your own path to happiness.” Brett Rosen, USA Executive Director for Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation

“I’ve changed a lot since I met Diana in 1991. During our first meeting, I was in my early-30’s and Diana said I was just a little boy. I thought, ‘Who is this woman to tell me such a thing,’ and stormed off like a child. Later, I sent my mother (see Ursula above) to see Diana. She was having major problems with digestion and no doctor could help her within loading her up with chemicals. After the first session, my mother improved so much that I knew it was time for me to stop messing up and blaming Diana for my problems. I started working with Diana and now I have more order to my spiritual life. Right away Diana helped me to find my spiritual teacher. She helped me to find my soul and get to know each part of myself (including the little boy she mentioned when we first met.)

 I accomplish much more in my life through creating art, music and even cooking. As an artist, I’ve always been able to visualize. Now, my visions are more specific. I know what I see and can feel what is for me. I have a deeper vision that gives me clarity in my spiritual practice and its relation to the physical world. I’ve learned to listen to my heart and this has changed my relationships with others around me. People with negative energy have drifted away and I’m much cooler when I’m relating to others. I have much more wisdom. My heart is more mature and I know when and if I can help someone. I can now feel when others are open and ready to receive the gifts that I have to offer them.”  Peter Sparks

“I was recommended to Diana by my son, Rudi, 3 year ago. Now, I am lucky to spend 5 months of each year with her in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Whenever I leave Thailand to return to my home in Germany, I forget my spiritual practice and become like a wrinkled up old turtle that never smiles. While I am in Thailand, I receive Diana’s support and am more healthy and active. I feel younger and all of my chronic problems disappear within the first week of my arrival. Now, I’ll return to Germany again and see if I can pass on some of Diana’s gifts and lessons to my closest friends.”   Jennifer Wallis

“Studying with Diana is a life-changing experience. I’m talking about a life, that has been changed, that it may take a book or two to share the entire experience with the world. I have read many beautiful spiritual, self-help writings that resonates deeply into my cognitive. I also have listened and met a good number of wise men, teachers and healers, who have shared their words of love, truth, and wisdom. However, only through Diana these concepts sank into the depth of my cells and soul. Allowing love, truth and wisdom become a very own personal experience, instead of merely words written on literatures or coming from lips of others that we constantly repeat.” 

Through her simple and playful meditation practices, and spiritual guidances, Diana helps me access this space of harmony and balance within the every day life. Allowing me, as a student to reach my full potential as a human being, as well as to navigate the ever-changing life more independently. Making life on earth an exciting, energizing, and enlightening learning experience.” Eka D

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1)  Oracle Light with part spiritual consultation (total approx 45mins-1hr): S$200
2) 1 hr Spiritual Consultation: S$250

3) 1.5 hrs Spiritual Consultation: S$350
3) 1 hr Consultation & Oracle Light (total approx 1hr+30-45mins): $350
If you decide to add oracle light after your consultation, the balance ($100) may be paid on the premises.

What is Oracle Light:  To put it very simply, a light with consciousness.


Please read the following carefully
For ease of logistic purposes, your slot is only confirmed only if the following  simple steps are followed and payment made within 12hrs of RSVP, otherwise, it will remain open for another friend who is waiting in line for the slot.

Kindly note that each person needs to RSVP personally here. (Please do NOT RSVP for your friends.)

1.  RSVP “YES” here.

2.  State your preferred timings and dates.

3.  Payment within 12hrs to confirm spot via internet banking:
DBS Bank
DBS Savings PLUS
Bank Code:  7171
Branch Code: 024
A/C No:  [masked]

Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

All bank charges will apply.

3a.  Via paypal, please add 5% paypal charges.

4. Send a text/whatsapp/wechat to let us know you have paid:[masked]

Cancellation Policy:
There are no refunds but sessions are transferable.

TIME SLOTS ~ Please choose from:

NOV 25 Fri

NOV 26 Sat

NOV 27 Sun

NOV 28 Mon

NOV 29 Tue



1.  If you would like information on friends, family, love, or business – bring their recent photo, business cards and contracts if any.

2. Come prepared with some questions for Diana to get started.  Dig deep and find issues that touch your heart.

3.  Bring a pad & pen to take notes when Diana tells you to write something.

4. Wear comfortable clothing

5. Bring a light shawl / wrap as you will be in an air-conditioned space.

6.  If this is your first time with Diana, read through some of her website here. Knowing more about Diana’s work and the language she uses in spiritual practice will help you get past the ‘knowledge’ portion of your session.

7.  Consider doing some physical cleansing. See their ‘recipes for health’ in the website.   The more clean and balanced your body, mind and soul, the more deeply Diana can help you.

8.  Allow for travel time and arrive 10mins earlier to settle in.

9.  And …finally….be open 🙂  Diana may feel to a few in Singapore to be an unusual teacher. When appropriate and if the timing is right for you,  she will help point out your blind spots.  In order for you to grow, she will tell you the truth as it is – which may not be easy to hear.  Allow the message to sit  and simmer.

10. We also highly recommend that you do the ‘homework’ that she may suggest to you. You will notice deep positive changes in your life in time to come.

How to Recognise My Guru (Teacher)
” When I watched this video, it summarised for me my experience with Diana very clearly. Hope this gives people who have not met her a small insight as to what to expect. (which is the unexpected)” Dipa